OUTPOST started as a project space forcontemporary art that I founded and ran in Slotervaart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Oct 2009 to August 2013.

Last picture of OUTPOST project space in Slotervaart, Amsterdam.

The reason I started OUTPOST was that after graduading from the art academy I saw how hard it was to get a show as a newly graduated artist. The way it worked was: send an email with a bit of text and a few pictures and you got a show. We never said no to anyone, instead we chose to believe in people, and to let them learn by doing.

Website of 1st iteration of OUTPOST :http://outpost-slotervaart.blogspot.com/

As of January 2017 I revived OUTPOST as a collective project using stickers, banners & music
as a platform to investigate personal political transformation. The work is presented and disctributed on the street and the internet.

Current page of OUTPOST: https://www.facebook.com/thenextworldoutpost

Non-face version: OUTPOST v2