Amsterdam Dinner Movement

The Amsterdam Dinner Movement was a project I started in the fall of 2011, to investigate and organize the underground art scene in Amsterdam. At the time I was running OUTPOST and was wondering how many other small self organized art spaces there were out there, and invited the organizers of seven other small spaces I knew for dinner. This started a series of dinners each time hosted by a new art space.

In December 2011 we participated in the project Kitchen139 with our Shabeen139 project, and in the end of 2012 we participated in the Kunstvlaai art fair with a publication called “A GUIDE TO AMSTERDAM’S SELF-ORGANIZED ART INITIATIVES”.
The publication consisted of a screen printed cover with information how to find, download and print the content which consisted of a page for each initiative containing images and text about their practices.

A website was made for the publication which hosted the content as a pdf file, but has later dissapeared from the internet. All there is left of our online presence is this early sketch for a general website:

You can download the pdf here: AmsterdamDinnerMovementfolder.pdf

Below you can read an email I recieved from Taf Hassam, organizer of Goleb, shortly after the first dinner as proposal for the next. You can find the final invitation here:



Hello all,

Here is a quick draft of the press release for The Amsterdam Dinner Movement!!

I figured we could also send it around to the other spaces as an invitation to come and join.

Alexander, let me know what you think, is there any names i missed, i still need to add a few, also do you have a picture in mind we could use?

Yutaka, i think it would be great to do a Treehouse concert, but let me know what would be best for you. I will send Maia a mail today too, see if she has any ideas.

Rumiko – how does this look to you? I think it adds a little warmth to the gesture by using our names… I will also ask Hee-Seung or anyone else at Goleb if they would also like to cook.

Speak soon & thanks!

T x

Project Goleb Presents:



Dinner: 18h00

Concert Doors: 21h30

In the last few months a host of new (self-organized) art initiatives have sprung up all over the Amsterdam landscape, complimenting an array of pre-existing spaces that in the years past have effectively contributed to the cultural and experimental art scene of Amsterdam.

As a means for trying to incite discussion and exchange between these spaces, the Danish artist Alexander Krone initiated The Amsterdam Dinner Movement, a series of dinners for Amsterdam’s art initiatives to take place in a host of different spaces across the city.

The idea is to create an informal exchange, where practical knowledge including the possibilities of mutual support systems can be shared, while at the same time creating awareness for the ideas and activities of the other spaces.

The first dinner took place at The Outpost, a production and gallery space organized and curated by Alexander Krone in Amsterdam-West.

Goleb is pleased to announce, for the second instalment of this project, Goleb will be hosting the event on Sunday 23rd October 2011. For this dinner, artists Rumiko Hagiwara (JP) & Taf Hassam (UK) will be cooking up a selection of Japanese and Indian food.

The dinner will begin at 18h00 and will be followed with a free public concert by the band Tree House at 21h30.

The dinner is free and open to any self-organized art initiative operating in the Amsterdam area.

If you would like to join, please send an email to Taf Hassam to give an indication for how many people will be joining. Once you have emailed, your space and website address will appear on the list below.

For any questions or enquiries please visit or send an email to

Projects (so far) Include:

Berm Collectief


Collectief Ondergrond


Hallo Gallo


Lost Property

The Living Room(s)

The Outpost