Hot Sauce

I first started making hot sauce in Amsterdam,The Netherlands, around 2009 in my squat OUTPOST, where I also ran an art space, and later in the kitchen of the activist run vegan restaurant MKZ. The sauces came out of my practice as an artist and has titles referring to art, music, books and cinema. My orginal series has four sauces and besides that I do demo sauces know as prototypes and special edition sauces as part of collaborations and other projects.

In 2013 I went to Mexico where I am currently busy making art projects and inventing new sauces. My new Mexican series has titles referring to culture and politics. The first two sauces are called “Mil Usos” after a 1980s movie, and “Auto Defensas” after the self defence groups fighting both the drug cartels and the government troops.

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The labels of the Amsterdam series are designed by Our Polite Society.